Sudoku Solution Java Applet

An applet to solve Sudoku puzzles.

The Applet

The Game

This applet can solve Sudoku puzzles. Just type in the starting position and then
click "Solve next move" to find the next play. "Enter new puzzle" will clear off the playing space so you can enter a new puzzle.

More information about the game, its history and rules, etc, can be found
at and The first site has tips for solving Sudoku puzzles. I used these to formulate the program's strategy when it became clear that my original ideas just weren't quite up to snuff for difficult puzzles.

As far as I know, it can solve any Sudoku puzzle of the normal type. (Not the ones with an X.) I haven't tested it out very carefully, so bugs are probable....

The Java Code

Written using the Eclipse IDE. - Defines the applet, buttons, etc. - Defines the puzzle, strategy, etc.