4 May 2006

Great News: Job offer!!

Submitted by Paul Brown

Today I received what I have been praying for for some time: a job offer in the Denver area. I had just talked to my supervising professor to see when he thought I could be free to take another job, so as to be able to pass this date to the company with which I had an interview in April during my vacation in Denver. The decision: June 15. I then sent an email to the company and received a response soon thereafter indicating that I had an offer in the mail, also attached!

It seems that things are pulling together. Now I will need to make travel arrangements both for to the U.S. in June and for a week-long return to Portugal in July for the thesis defense.

This is a great response to my prayers and I can only give the thanks and glory to God, who works all things together according to his purposes for the good of those who love him.

27 Apr 2006

About to blow a fuse....

Submitted by Paul Brown

I think I'm about to blow a fuse in my head. I've been working hard to try to get a draft ready for my orienting professor for the first week of May. It's not been easy! I am still not sure if I will get there, but I am giving it all I can. Life has been pretty much composed of

  • Thesis
  • Church activities
  • Food, sleep, basic life functions

I am really praying that the Lord will help me get done on schedule and have a job to go start on in Denver in June. While I don't know what He will say yet, I do know He will work things out as He thinks best, and that's a big comfort.

17 Apr 2006

Mile High City

Submitted by Paul Brown

I was almost a week in Denver: April 7 to April 12. A lot happened in that week, but it was still WAY TOO SHORT.

My main reason for adding this leg to my trip was to meet my friend Catia who I have been getting to know through email, MSN, phone, etc. I really wanted to meet her face to face, spend some time with her, be able to talk, make sure she's not in truth some 80-year-old toothless hag faking me out.... (Just kidding!)

Things didn't start off very well; I was more than an hour late to our first meeting because it took more time in transit from the airport than I thought, and then I didn't spot the restaurant and had to ask directions. I was more than a little frustrated by the time I got there.... I don't know what her very first impression was, but I confess that this is what went through my head: "WOW, Catia is even prettier than the pictures!".

Catia arranged a wonderful visit for me and we got to do all kinds of fun things: explore the Museum of Natural Science, walk around in the city park, visit Red Rock Park and old Morrison, go to church together, visit downtown Denver including the Capitol building, the Denver Mint, Union Station, a couple of bookstores, and the library (007 style!), see the movie Curious George (this bold choice being mine), and learn more about the Passover meal at TNL.

What will be the future of this friendship? Only God knows, and for now He's not telling.... Catia really is a great, godly woman (see Prov. 31), and I'm trying to get a job in the Denver area after I finish here in Porto to be able to answer that question better. I did get an interview for a job while I was there, and it seems like a good fit. I just need to get my thesis done and let them know when I'll be available and maybe (I HOPE!) they will make an job offer.

It was also great to spend time with my uncle Neil who graciously let me use some space on his living room floor for the week. I hadn't seen him for quite some time, so it was super to be able to catch up with him. If my move there works out, we'll be seeing a lot more of each other!

My primary objective now is to get my thesis done. I am behind schedule and need to kick things in gear! I think it will come together all right.... =)

17 Apr 2006

Visiting Sarah and Kevin

Submitted by Paul Brown

I spent a week from March 31 to April 7 visiting Sarah and Kevin in Groton, Connecticut. It was a great visit, definitely worth the trip! (A big THANK YOU to the two of them.) They have a nice home, and even though they moved in just a little while ago, it is nicely decorated.

We got to do some fun things like play some games, go walk in the park, go bowling, take an off-road trip in the Jeep, learn about SUPER SHEEP, have a picnic, go to church, make -- and eat -- cookies, solve Sudoku puzzles, and visit a submarine at the submarine capital of the WORLD. (Did I miss anything?)

I learned one valuable lesson, too: the pregnant lady always wins. At least, things go better if she does! =)

It was great to get to know Sarah and Kevin better, too. I never knew they were so silly! So if I seem more silly than usual, blame them....

12 Apr 2006

All good things come to an end

Submitted by Paul Brown

This side of heaven, nothing good lasts forever. So it was with my trip. I had a sweet time visiting Sarah and Kevin in Connecticut and Catia and Uncle Neil in Denver. Everything went so well, I only wish that it could be longer! Like Juliet said to Romeo, "Parting is such sweet sorrow"....

I'll be back to write (a lot) more about the trip SOON. A big thank you to these special people who all made sacrifices to be able to put up with me. And an even bigger thank you to God who is gracious far beyond what we deserve, ask or even imagine!


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