20 Mar 2006

No time?

Submitted by Paul Brown

I consider the phrases I didn't have time and Other things were more important to be equivalent.

So what makes something "important"?

  • Personal values
  • Responsibility
  • Uniqueness

What else? Leave your opinion!

2 Mar 2006

It's a BOY

Submitted by Paul Brown

Sarah and Kevin have announced that they will be having a baby boy! I guess they decided to start things off RIGHT! :) hahaha

They asked that everyone PLEASE only give things that are BLUE. (Just kidding. Be more creative!!)

2 Mar 2006

Trip in the works

Submitted by Paul Brown

I've already made reservations for a trip to visit Sarah and Kevin in the first week of April. I've wanted to visit them and see their new place (which is already different!), and now that they're having a baby, I wanted to go even more! So I decided to make the trip during the time when I should have my thesis well underway, but not yet in the stage of a lot of dialogue with my professor to get things tightened up and finalized.

It's nice that they live near Boston because I can get there relatively quickly and cheaply, at least compared to Iowa. Unfortunately I waited a little bit long to make reservations and so I have only one option to get there: the cost is good, travel time is OK, but I'll have to leave from Lisbon REALLY early. Maybe I can find somewhere to crash there the night before....

Since I was already going to be paying good money to cross the ocean, I thought I'd take advantage and tag on a couple of days to go see a friend of mine in Denver. It will be great to see her; I'm really excited about those days!


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