Troy on Relationships

This message that I got on a copy of a tape from David Stember way back my freshman year of college has been pretty formative in how I think about dating and relationships. It was given by Troy Nesbit, who is a teaching pastor at Cornerstone Church and a former director of the Salt Company (way back). I don't know exactly when he gave this message but it is before my time at ISU.

Feel free to download and listen! I even tried to reconstruct the message notes based on the comments Troy makes during the message. A big THANK-YOU to my dad for digitizing the tape for me.


Reconstructed Notes
Audio [57:22, 23 MB]

Another handout from another talk by Troy, but much more recent. I was around to hear this one live! :)

Principles of Dating


That last hand-out...I like those guiding principles. They seem good and healthy! Always good to hear and good and healthy Christian perspective on relationships. =)