11 Apr 2003

Update from Paul 4/11/03

Submitted by Paul Brown

Highlights: having a great semester, running sound, leading connection group, decided to head toward university teaching by going on to grad. school

This has been one of my best semesters that I can remember. I have not been putting much time into my classes; instead I have been very involved in the music ministry of the Salt Company as a sound guy. That means I stand behind the sound board and mix things up for everyone else. :-) This is a very rewarding ministry for me, and I'm glad that my classes don't take too much of my time.

I have also been investing time in my connection group (small group Bible study). I worked hard to come up with creative ways to test ourselves on our memorization passages from Hebrews chapter 12, and many of the activities were fun. I still have plenty to work on, especially in facilitating good discussion and motivating the memorization.

Since I will be finishing my final undergraduate semester next spring, I have been thinking about the direction I want to take my career, particularly how I can be strategic in my choices now to have a global impact for the gospel. One thing that is both strategic and very appealing to me is teaching at the university level. To point myself in that direction, I have decided to go to graduate school after I graduate next year.