1 Oct 2003

Update from Paul 10/1/03

Submitted by Paul Brown

Highlights: Spent time in Istanbul last summer, road trip to the Southeast, working on co-op at NPPD, looking at graduate study.

Last summer was great! I got to spend five weeks in Istanbul, Turkey, on a cultural exchange program. The goal of the program was to have us (American students) interact with Turkish students and get to know the culture by getting to know people. I enjoyed meeting new students as well as seeing old friends from the exchange program. Then after I got back I went on a road trip to see most of my family in the Southeast U.S.--Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia. Both trips were great experiences that I will remember for a long time! I certainly don't deserve the opportunities God continues to give me!

Now I'm about midway through a second co-op term at Nebraska Public Power District in Columbus, Nebraska. It's strange, but this time I feel like I know what I'm doing more often than not.... Anyway, God has blessed me and allowed me to participate in the music ministry at my chuch here by letting me put my meager mixing skills to work at worship about one week out of four. This time I have a roommate named Shannon (a guy, don't worry!) which is good for company and doing fun things sometimes (like tennis this week) besides just sharing the bills. He's a co-op at NPPD, too.

I have started looking at opportunities for graduate study. The Iowa State power group has a program with Porto University in Portugal for American students to go there for a master's degree and have it paid for. That has been weighing heavily in my mind the last few weeks since it looks like it would be almost a perfect match for what I want. I need to get going and take the GRE so I can get applications in to some other places and widen my options.