6 Jan 2009

Reading the Bible in 2009

Submitted by Paul Brown

At the start of 2009, I decided that it would be a good idea to follow a Bible-reading plan this year. Since I was busy last Fall teaching at Regeneration and at youth small group, most of my study and meditation on Scripture ended up being related to whatever teaching assignment I had next. While I'm not sure that this is necessarily wrong, I think it does tend to limit the parts of Scripture that I look at and tends to make my reflection more focused on getting what I need out of the text rather than simply reflecting on it and letting it speak into my life for itself.

The reading plan that I decided to use is the M'Cheyne plan as modified by D.A. Carson. I found a PDF that I was able to print two-sided on a single sheet of paper to fold and stick in my study Bible. It will actually work out to be a two-year plan that will take me through the New Testament twice and once through the Old Testament.

For other Bible-reading plans, see Justin Taylor's roundup. When I went through a plan before, several years ago, I used the Discipleship Journal plan, which, interestingly enough, John Piper has decided to use this year.


This doesn't really have much to do with your Bible plan, but M'Cheyne is an amazing individual and I love what I've read of him!

What have you read about M'Cheyne? I think I've pretty much only seen his name in connection with the Bible reading plan.