10 Mar 2009

Just Married: Honeymoon Pt. 1

Submitted by Paul Brown

To record some of our memories from our honeymoon last week and to let some of our friends and family share in the experience, Holly and I wrote up some of what we did and saw. Here is Part 1. I am also working on uploading photos.

Paul: After leaving the reception and stopping by our condo (yes, now it is ours since we can live together now!) to get changed and pick up our suitcase, we drove over to our hotel near the airport. I had reserved a studio suite at the Residence Inn, and it was great! The room was very comfortable and had plenty of space to unwind. We were close enough to walk to a restaurant for dinner, where the manager decided to give us free dessert for our honeymoon.

Holly: Mmmm... that's making me hungry.

Paul: After that we went back to the hotel and pretty much went right to bed. For some reason it wasn't the most restful sleep I've ever had.

Holly: I think the pillows were too soft. *wink*

Paul: Right. After a good breakfast and coffee barely stronger than discolored water (even I could see that), we headed to the airport.

Holly: It was downright crappy coffee.

Paul: Our flight to Vancouver was the first time both Holly and I had traveled in first class. It was nice but not as great as I might have expected. I guess I'm not sure what I expected, but the main perks were more leg room and a tasty complimentary lunch. But the armrest between Holly and I didn't go up, which was kind of a bummer.

Holly: The sound didn't work for the movie, so we had to make up our own dialogue.

Paul: That was probably better than the actual dialogue for that movie. I would have taken a nap for sure. What was that movie, honey?

Holly: The Secret Life of Bees

Paul: Right, a total chick drama. When we got to the Vancouver airport, I had a pressing need to find a little boys' room, but you would not believe how far it was until the first one. Seriously, I'll bet we had to walk a mile over these walkways directing us to the customs checkpoint. Naturally, Vancouver is proud of their Pacific coast rainforests and Native Pacific coast heritage, so they had several displays with flowing water, the sound of rain, fountains, and so forth. Very helpful.

We finally got through the line at customs and retrieved our bag (Holly: they pronounced it "bayg"; Shannon would fit right in here!) and went through a labyrinth of construction zones and parking garages to arrive at the public transportation terminal at the airport. We fought our way through three different bus lines to arrive downtown at our hotel.

Holly: That makes me miss Shannon. You forgot to mention that we got to go by a lot of rainbow signs on Davies Street. The condom emporium (see photo) made me laugh.

Paul: Our hotel in Vancouver was not quite as nice as their marketing materials make it look. Although it has been updated well, it still feels like it was probably built sometime in the 1970's.

Holly: I like the bed. And I like you in the bed. Oh, wait, erase that.

Paul: The pillows are nice and firm. Good for side-sleepers.

Holly: heheheheheeee. We had the best pizza for dinner. That guy should start a pizzaria in Denver. I'm really hungry....

Paul: My first impression from walking around the West End of Vancouver was just how many ethnic restaurants there are. I don't think I have ever seen so many diverse eateries anywhere else that I have ever been. Greek, African, Korean, Ukrainian, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Middle-Eastern, Brazilian—all side-by-side up and down the street.

From the time we arrived, I tried to figure out what the "Vancouver accent" was, but I'm not sure there is one. It seemed that almost everyone in Vancouver was from somewhere else. We had pizza served by a guy who looked and sounded like he was from Greece, and a team of Asians served us a traditional American breakfast at a small diner called Teresa's.

Holly: The coffee in the hotel in Vancouver was exquisite.

To be continued....
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All this talk of pillows is making me sleepy.
Or is it..? *wink*