11 Mar 2009

Just Married: Honeymoon Pt. 2

Submitted by Paul Brown

To record some of our memories from our honeymoon last week and to let some of our friends and family share in the experience, Holly and I wrote up some of what we did and saw. Here is Part 2. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here. All our photos from the honeymoon that were fit to publish are now posted as well.

Paul: Our first full day in Vancouver, we set out on foot to explore the downtown area. It was interesting to see the diversity of the neighborhoods even within the downtown area. We started in the West End, where our hotel was, and went past all the fascinating ethnic restaurants we had seen the night before. Then we passed into the more trendy, upscale area near the cruise ship terminal. Eventually we ended up in a more run-down neighborhood, and finally we headed back when we got to Chinatown.

Holly: We visited the Christ Church Cathedral, a staple of the Canadian Angelican population. We also walked near the waterfront.

Paul: Then we stopped by the Vancouver Art Gallery where we decided we didn't want to pay $20 each to look at upside-down black-and-white photographs of trees or litte replica trees constructed of twigs tacked together.

Holly: From there, we walked to the Vancouver Lookout, which gives a 360-degree view of Vancouver, serviced by an elevator that lets you look out (and down) as you are lifted 258 feet into the air. Paul was a little squeamish.

Paul: What?!

Holly: You were a little squeamish!

Paul: *sigh*

Holly: When we had taken in all there was to see from the Lookout, we went to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. It was closed. So we walked in the park next door.

Paul: By then we were a bit tired from all the walking, so we thought we would catch a bus back toward our hotel. The first bus stop we went by indicated that the bus I wanted only stopped there during peak hours, which we weren't in. I figured we could just walk another block or two down the route and see if the bus would stop there. As it turned out, the next stop was probably at least a mile or two down the road, and the route to get there took us basically underneath the stadium and a couple of bridges—not exactly the cleanest, most scenic place in Vancouver.

Eventually we did get to another bus stop, and by good fortune another bus was coming that way. This bus took us along a route that followed the coast of the English Bay, hardly a bad way to go. When we got back to the hotel we took a nap before going out for some scrumptious moussaka and souvlaki. On our way back, we swung by Safeway to pick up some food for breakfast. It was kind of fun to get to use my Safeway card in a foreign country!

Holly: On our second full day in Vancouver, we had a nice breakfast in the suite—a nice way to wake up. After breakfast, we walked down to Stanley Park. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we were a little cold. Because of the rain, we made our way to the Vancouver Aquarium first. My favorite, as usual, was the sea otters. But I also like the turtles. And the frogs.

Paul: I was rather partial to the beluga whales.

Holly: Grandma (beluga whale) is pregnant! When we left the aquarium, I was hungry, but the weather was nice, so we walked to the totem poles in the park. On the way back to the city, we walked along the seawall and took some pictures. We had lunch at a YUMMY fish and chips place called Mr. Pickwick's.

Paul: Fish and chips were redeemed for me after several less-than-delicious experiences in the past.

Holly: We had fun making fun of the server's accent. "Sit wherever ye' liyke..."

Paul: Back at the hotel, we played cards for the afternoon before reheating some leftover pizza for dinner and exploring the hotel in search of sugar for Holly's morning coffee fix and a night-time tea.

To be continued....
Part 3