25 Mar 2009

How many states have you been to?

Submitted by Paul Brown

Holly posted this on Facebook, and it seems interesting, so I'm going to do it, too. I don't remember exactly where we went on some of our family vacations when I was growing up, so I may be off by a few states here and there.

Alabama – Visited family there twice, I think (1)
Alaska – no
Arizona – I don't think so
Arkansas – I don't think so
California – Yep, visited friends there twice (2)
Colorado – I live here now, and visited family in CO many times before that (3)
Connecticut – Yep, visited Sarah and Kevin several times (4)
Delaware – Not sure, but I don't think so
Florida – Yep, Disney World (5)
Georgia – Yep, passed through a few times (6)
Hawaii – no
Idaho – I don't think so, but maybe
Illinois – Passed through many times (7)
Indiana – Passed through many times (8)
Iowa – I lived there for fifteen years (9)
Kansas – Passed through a few times and went for Katie and Theoden's wedding (10)
Kentucky – Toured around for one family vacation, passed through many times. I think Kentucky is a beautiful state. (11)
Louisiana – I don't think so.
Maine – no
Maryland – Passed through, I think (12)
Massachusetts – Yes, I flew into Boston when visiting Sarah and Kevin once or twice (13)
Michigan – I went to visit the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor when I was considering colleges in high school (14)
Minnesota – Yep, at some point I'm sure we went there. I remember that we went to the Mall of America (15)
Mississippi – I *think* so on the way to AL, but I'm not sure. (16)
Missouri – Yes, many times passing through (17)
Montana – I don't think so
Nebraska – I did two co-op terms in Columbus, Nebraska (18)
Nevada – I don't think so
New Hampshire – no
New Jersey – I think we went there on a family vacation once (19)
New Mexico – Visited family there, drove through to El Paso, and a couple of work trips (20)
New York – Family vacation and later some training in Schenectady (21)
North Carolina – Was born there! (22)
North Dakota – I don't think so
Ohio – Passed through at least once (23)
Oklahoma – Passed through on the way to Houston and now visited family in OK. A few work trips as well, and probably one more in the near future. (Ugh.) (24)
Oregon – no
Pennsylvania – Family vacation, I think (25)
Rhode Island – Passing through from Boston to CT. (26)
South Carolina – Family vacations to Myrtle Beach and visiting friends in Charleston (27)
South Dakota – Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills. Also a trombone seminar in high school (28)
Tennessee – Passed through a few times, I think (29)
Texas – Visited family in Houston several times (30)
Utah – I don't think so
Virginia – Passed through several times, visited Sarah and Kevin when Kevin was stationed there, visited family (31)
Washington – no
Washington DC (not a state but…) – family vacation (32)
West Virginia – Passed through many times (33)
Wisconsin – I don't think so
Wyoming – Passed through on family vacation at least once (34)

Holly hit 38 and has me beat by a few. The map below shows which states we claim to have visited. It looks like we're due for a vacation or two across the northern United States!

States Visited by Holly and Paul

(Base map from Wikimedia Commons, edited with Inkscape and ConTEXT to make this SVG file before exporting to png, then converted to jpg with the Gimp.)


I stopped to look at this blog post while I was trolling around for a blank US map to print out to show my World Vision child, Bryan, where we live now and where we will be moving. And (i)voila!. Thanks for crediting your pic.