14 May 2009

An iGoogle Tip

Submitted by Paul Brown

Every once in a while I come across solutions to computer annoyances. Today I found a very easy solution to the bothersome "tabs" that waste space on the left side of my iGoogle page. Here's what my iGoogle page looked like:

iGoogle page with annoying tabs on the left

To get rid of the useless tabs taking up almost a quarter of the screen on the left,

  1. Use a recent version (>2.0) of Firefox as your web browser. (Actually you can use any Mozilla-based browser that will run .xpi add-ons, including, SeaMonkey, Flock, Songbird, eMusic Remote, Prism.)
  2. Get Adblock Plus. This is a great add-on regardless of whether you care about your iGoogle tabs or not. I have used Adblock Plus for a couple of years now already, and I especially like that Adblock Plus takes out most of the trashy ads on sites like Myspace. Adblock is on Mozilla's list of recommended add-ons and is the #1 most popularly downloaded add-on. All that to say, this add-on is reputable, not some random download recommended by a weirdo. :)
  3. Add "google.com#TD(class=leftborder)" to the list of Adblock filters. Just click the arrow next to ABP to the right of the address bar, select Preferences, click on the "Add Filter" button, paste in "google.com#TD(class=leftborder)", click OK, and it's done!

Now my iGoogle page looks like this:
iGoogle page with annoying tabs removed

Yet another reason to use Firefox rather than "Internet Exploder" (as our new IT guy likes to call it)....


My iGoogle feels so roomy now!