13 Jul 2009

New Music: Sojourn's "Over the Grave"

Submitted by Paul Brown

Late last week I received my copy of Sojourn Music's new album Over the Grave: The Hymns of Isaac Watts, Vol. 1. You can catch some samples at their Facebook or Myspace pages.

I've listened through the album a couple of times since receiving it, and I really enjoy Over the Grave. The musical style is hard for me to describe, but to my ears it is a nice blend of refreshing non-pop creativity and engaging riffs. Though there are, as usual with any album, some songs that I enjoy better than others, I haven't found any yet that I just hit "next" and skip over.

As the album sub-title suggests, the lyrics are adapted from Isaac Watts hymns, most of them little-known. Using lyrics from long ago of course does not guarantee that the words will be accurate and edifying, but Over the Grave draws on work that focuses on Christ as our redeemer from sin, our hope in suffering, and judge of the world—themes that are worth sinking your teeth into.

To order a copy for yourself head over to the Sojourn Bandcamp store.

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