26 Sep 2009

Too Busy to Think

Submitted by Paul Brown

August and September have turned out to be busy and stressful months for me at work. In August, I had an AC interference study to complete for a high-profile client that was supposed to be finished by the end of August. Meanwhile I was directing and reviewing the work of two engineers for relay settings for another big client of ours, and that work also had to be done by the end of August. Then in the middle of all that, another urgent project calculating and mitigating the lightning outage rate on a transmission line came up for the first high-profile client and I had to set aside the first project to spend as much time as possible on the second. Now the deadlines for the AC interference study are totally blown and it still sits on the back burner as I try to close up the lightning study.

All this has kept me working hard at work, with little temptation to just waste time. Fortunately, I haven't found that the stress is affecting my motivation or energy level after work or on the weekends, though it has become a frequent occurrence to wake up early thinking about what I have going at work and not be able to get back to sleep. The biggest downside has been the lack of mental energy for other endeavors. As you can see, there have been no blog posts for a good long while. I've kept up with my Bible reading plan, but I realized this week that I've had little reflection on what I've read and that my prayer life has dropped off considerably.

While I hope that these projects finish soon so I'm not so busy and stressed out at work any more, I know that one thing will follow another and that most likely I will keep being busy indefinitely. Will I find ways to adapt to the work so my mental energy isn't sapped away from spiritual things? That, I think, is the need of the hour. (Tips from those who have "been there, done that" are appreciated!)


Keep up the good work Paul and don't feel too guilty about not meditating on more "spiritual things". Doing a good job and hard work honors the Lord. I know you know this. When I had a lot of work to do I used to try to spend my time in the morning memorizing a verse or two and then meditating on it at work. Of course my job involved lots of driving which affords that luxury. If you are sitting at the desk and crunching numbers you can't really do both at the same time...

Scot McKnight in "The Jesus Creed" said most people in Israel during Jesus' day pretty much knew the Shema, Dt 6:4-8, and little else (they would have at least studied the Pentateuch as a child but little else). They were all too busy with their farms to study the Bible to the extent we do! And yet the professional bible students were the ones Jesus criticized!