2 May 2010

Everything is Different. Everything is Wonderful.

Submitted by Paul Brown

While the blog here has been quiet for the last couple of months, life for me certainly hasn't been. Holly and I found a house, we moved from a rented condo in Lakewood to our very own house in Omaha, I started working remotely from an office in my home, and we found out that Holly is pregnant and now in her ninth week (I think). In the move, we left our close community at our previous church and some close friends and moved to a place where we have almost no friends but much more close family close by. The process of pregnancy has been a kind of adventure all to itself so far as Holly's hormones have totally shifted the gears of her body to get it in order to support the child that is growing inside of her.

As we are making these huge transitions, God's blessing has been over-abundant. I am amazed at how smoothly everything has gone. I never would have imagined that we could move to Omaha and I could somehow keep my job. Our house is more than we deserve. And having family "close by" has been a wonderful blessing. It has been so very nice to have them be able to just stop by because they were in the area and to be able to share meals and talk so much more easily. Holly's pregnancy was a beautiful if somewhat unexpected blessing after so many trying months of hoping and waiting (see Holly's post on the subject).

Before us lie more changes: joining and connecting with a church community (at the moment pretty settled on Coram Deo), seeing Holly's pregnancy progress, the baby grow and in due season be born—Lord willing—and becoming parents, learning to live as faithful followers of Christ in our neighbornood and among our neighbors. As we continue in this latest chapter of the journey, I look forward with anticipation to the new blessings that God has in store for us, blessings that show us his infinite faithfulness and goodness, blessings that shape us to be the people that he made us to be. May the Lord Jesus receive all the honor and glory and power, for he alone is worthy (Rev. 5:12-13).


Estive a ver o teu blog e não posso deixar de te mandar um grande abraço de parabéns pela tua nova casa mas acima de tudo pela tua paternidade!!!

Eu também já fui pai, tenho uma filha de 18 meses que é a melhor dádiva que jamais podemos ter na vida!

Ainda estou no INESC, deixei de ser bolseiro, deram-me um contrato e fiquei efectivo. Gosto muito do que faço, agora tenho outras responsabilidades principalmente ao nível de gestão de projecto e recursos humanos.

Escrevi em português porque não te podes esquecer de nós!!!!

Um abraço e muitos parabéns!!