10 Jul 2010

Now we know that he or she is a she

Submitted by Paul Brown

Well, it seems that my blog is going back to what it was like when I first started posting, before I even knew it was a "blog" and not just a "website". Updates are few and far between and seem to just hit the front-page items of my life.

The biggest news of late is that Holly and I went to her anatomy ultrasound for our little bean yesterday. The ultrasound tech confirmed that everything looks good and that we are having a LITTLE GIRL! We both had a hunch that it was a boy, mainly because Holly has had so much morning sickness, but we were wrong. I don't think that we had much preference one way or the other, so although it was initially a surprise, now I think we're already getting used to knowing that it is a baby girl in Holly's belly.

Holly released the results of the baby name survey that she did a while back and revealed the names that we had chosen for a boy or for a girl. Now that we know that we're having a girl, we can start calling "bean" by her name: Claire. Claire's first pictures are up in my photo gallery now.

Ultrasound of Claire, 19 weeks