25 May 2011

Claire's Growth

Submitted by Paul Brown

When Claire was born, I thought it would be neat to be able to track her growth against the standard growth charts published by organizations like the CDC and the WHO. I tried to find some template spreadsheets on the web, but the few that I found did not really meet what I was looking for. Not to be deterred, I developed my own. It is a little complicated under the hood, probably not that elegant in its implementation, but it works and produces pretty decent results. Below are her growth charts and links to a PDF of the table of measurements as well as the spreadsheet.

Table of Claire's Growth Measurements

Growth Chart Spreadsheet (Gnumeric)

The growth chart spreadsheet was developed originally in OpenOffice.org, but I converted it to Gnumeric to get better export options for the charts. It also turned out that Gnumeric was much faster and was able to handle some data conversion within the charts that simplified the chart configuration considerably. The SVG output of charts from Gnumeric is very nice. I used Inkscape to open the SVG output from Gnumeric, add the drop shadow to the charts, and export to an image file for the web.

I still have the OpenOffice.org version of the spreadsheet as well as an MS Excel version that lacks the BMI data. If you would like either of those versions, let me know and I can share them as well.